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Conformer is now called RECONFORMER!

Reconformer 2.0 is now available with support for OS X Lion and Pro Tools 10!
Reconformer 2.0 is a paid upgrade.
It is FREE to customers who purchased Conformer 1.x after July 20, 2011.
If you purchased Conformer prior to July 20, 2011, the upgrade is only $49.99!
New licenses are just $299.98 each.
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Reconformer makes reconforming a breeze!

Conformer reads change lists and automatically or manually conforms Pro Tools sessions to new picture cuts.
Reconformer can:
  • Import change lists from Avid and Final Cut Pro (Pre FCP X only) editing systems
  • Optimize lists by combining consecutive inserts and deletions
  • Apply changes to an open Pro Tools session, either automatically or manually
  • Import lists in feet+frames
  • Skip redundant changes ("scene swaps")
  • Handle inserts, deletes, trims, and moves
  • Conform an entire list or part of one
  • Optionally copy deleted material and paste it at the end of a session
  • Open a floating window that sits on top of the Pro Tools application, allowing you to manually conform tracks interactively
  • Print change lists with multiple levels of optimization
  • OS X 10.4 "Tiger" and above, including 10.7, "Lion"
  • Pro Tools HD version 6 and newer
  • Pro Tools Le version 6 and newer with DV Toolkit
  • Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD version 9 and newer
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Reconformer helps you reconform manually!

You can still reconform by hand and make all of the creative decisions without entering a single digit!
The Reconformer Remote Window "floats" over your Pro Tools session.
It functions as a memory-location window as well as a way to manually apply change lists to your session by stepping through each change in the list. It allows you to decide how to perform a change without deleting regions you may want to keep or messing up fades that overlap a cut.
Automatic conforming is great for chopping up stems, but sometimes your sessions require a bit more finesse. The Reconformer Remote Window allows you to manually conform a session without all the typing!
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Reconformer 2.0 Now Available!


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You can download the latest version here: